Privacy policy for MusicUs World mobile app

We at MusicUs World take your privacy very seriously. Here is our privacy policy for the the mobile application.

Effective date: August 8th 2022
Last update: August 8th 2022

MusicUs World app is created by an independent startup company called MusicUs Digi Ltd. We are dedicated to making learning to play musical instruments more entertaining by gamifying the boring stuff. We are committed to protecting your privacy, especially as our games are intended for children. 

This document describes how our app collects, stores and uses data. Young children should use our app under their parents/guardians supervision and the parents/guardians should read this policy and explain the contents to the children as appropriate.

The app collects anonymous data about the user’s game progress, achievements, instrument and language choices. The data is stored locally on the user’s own device, the data is never sent to anyone else. The user can delete all saved data by locally clearing the data storage of the app in their device.

This policy may be subject to a change and we recommend visiting this page regularly. In case of major changes we will notify the users in the app.

MusicUs Digi Ltd operates as the “data controller” of the MusicUs World app.

Address: Koskelantie 13 B 15, 00610 Helsinki, Finland

If you have any questions regarding our data management, please contact us at [email protected]