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MusicUs World

MusicUs World is a collection of digital games with pedagogical content. The games are designed to facilitate teacher-supported learning and independent practice of classical instruments and music theory.

To be published in 2023

Available for Android and iOS

Game Features

A collection of pedagogically designed engaging games

Instrument sound recognition based games for practising scales, improvising, playing in a virtual ensemble and more to come.

Puzzle games for learning music theory

A gallery where the student can record their own performances and homework assignments and share them with the teacher and friends.

Weekly reporting to the teacher, follow-up of each student’s progress and time spent on practising

Easy onboarding and intuitive game play

Gamifying music learning

Remu The Dog takes you on an adventure to MusicUs World! The journey takes our hero to different environments. Help Remu to find new friends by solving puzzle games or by playing your instrument to complete challenges.

MusicUs World guides students on their journey to the world of music. Through the games the students explore different aspects of music learning – music creation, practising an instrument, theoretical concepts – in an engaging and pedagogically thought out way. The main character in MusicUs World is Remu The Dog, who goes on different adventures solving puzzles and challenges. The student is rewarded for the time spent on practising and for completing the games and levels. Badges and achievements motivate students and show the progress made.

For the teachers, MusicUs World offers new pedagogically designed musical content and tools for their teaching. The games target specific areas of music teaching – scales, improvisation, theory, ensemble work, etc. MusicUs World helps motivate students to learn and practice independently. This leaves more time in classes to concentrate on areas that require or benefit from the teacher’s presence. In MusicUs World the teacher can assign homework easily and follow up the students’ progress and the time spent on practising.

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Inga Rikandi

Inga, our founder and CEO, is a well-known and respected music pedagogue who has been working as a teacher, coach, writer, and a performing artist for 20 years. She has a PhD in Music Education and has published numerous music text books. Currently she is focused on developing games for MusicUs as well as offering in-service teacher training with courses in improvisation, creative pedagogical tools, music creation, and distance learning pedagogy.

Mikko Strengell

Mikko is a co-founder and CTO of MusicUs Digi. With over 20 years of experience in information and communications technologies (ICT), and having been an entrepreneur for 12 years he is experienced in the full lifespan of complex projects of different kinds. He has worked with enterprise content management (ECM) systems and in mobile app development in the role of a senior technical lead. In this role he has worked in the business interface managing business requirements and translating ideas into concrete technical solutions. Recently Mikko has focused on cross-platform component development in order to gain development velocity and to improve the overall quality and testability of solutions.

Viivi Kylämä

Viivi is a co-founder and CMO of MusicUs Digi. She is an experienced marketing and communications professional with over 20 years of experience in digital communications and marketing. She has worked in multinational companies managing global marketing activities from marketing strategy and brand building, to event, content and digital marketing. Previously working in communications she has acted as a project manager in large scale web service renewal concepting and implementation projects. Currently she is also working as a consultant and growth hacker in other start up companies.

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